Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

Our Vision

By 2020 the LSUHSC Shreveport Department of Family Medicine will become recognized as a premier educator of medical students and family medicine residents, a leading provider of health care for Louisiana citizens, and a highly effective promoter of Family Medicine.  We will measure our success by:
• National recognition of our student program for its innovative design and measurable outcomes through STFM meetings and publications.
• Increased medical student interest in family medicine as evidenced by at least 20% of the graduating class of LSUHSC choosing a Family Medicine residency. 
• An increase of at least 20% in the number of residency matches from regional US medical schools. 
• Publication of at least 3 scientific articles on the effectiveness of medical education methods used in our department.  
• Improvement on patient satisfaction surveys in all clinics. 
• Improvement in outcome measures for selected chronic diseases with comparisons to results from other hospital systems that use the statewide EHR.   
• Increased scores on in-training exams using selected benchmarks for individual improvement over the three years of training as well as group results. 
• Increased pass rate of our graduates on the ABFM Board Exam to >95% for all programs. 
• Increase in number and percentage of graduates from each program who remain in Louisiana.
• Publication of a study that evaluates the impact of our graduates on health care in Louisiana with emphasis on rural locations. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Family Medicine LSUHSC Shreveport is to promote accessible, comprehensive, quality and compassionate family centered healthcare to patients in the communities we serve through education, service, and research.  An essential element of this effort is to motivate, train, and equip medical students, residents and faculty towards gratifying careers in Louisiana Family Medicine.  An integral component of this charge is to recruit and train quality healthcare professionals by providing ample opportunities for training, research, and professional growth.

Our Guiding Principles and Core Values

• People are our greatest resource
• Relationships characterized by integrity and honesty
• An environment conducive to growth and learning   
• Empowerment of patients, learners, faculty, and staff to pursue healthy, productive, and satisfying lives 
• The ideals of Family Medicine expressed through excellence in education, patient care and community leadership 
• Excellence in patient care based on the best available scientific evidence and delivered with compassion, respect, teamwork and professionalism 
• A sense of genuine teamwork, where all members of the healthcare team are respected by other members, value their own contributions and are eager to assist with any necessary task