Allergy & Immunology Clinical Services

The allergy & immunology service provides evaluation and treatment for patients of all ages who have any allergy, asthma or immunologic diseases, such as:

- Upper respiratory allergies affecting the nose, sinuses, or eyes.
- Asthma and its complications.
- Chronic or recurrent cough or chest wheezing.
- Skin allergies in the form of eczema, hives (urticaria),
  or acute swellings (angioedema).
- Reactions to foods, drugs, or insects.
- Severe or systemic reactions (anaphylaxis) to a known or
  unknown cause.
- Recurrent or persistent infections secondary to weak
  immune system.
- Autoimmune diseases secondary to overactive immune system.

Depending on the diagnosis, the evaluation may include:

- Lung function testing.
- Allergy skin testing or blood testing for a large panel of
  environmental allergens: animal dander, house dust mites,
  molds, and pollens of grasses, trees & weeds.
- Food allergy tests.
- Drug allergy tests.
- Advanced tests for the immune system.

The treatment plan is customized for each individual patient
and may include:

- Specific environmental control.
- Selected foods avoidance.
- Appropriate medications.
- Allergy vaccines (immunotherapy).
- Drug desensitization.
- Specific biologic agents for severe asthma, persistent hives,
  autoimmune diseases, or immune deficiencies.

For clinic appointment:
Ph (318) 626-2235
FAX (318) 626-3536

For academic office:
Ph (318) 675-7625
FAX (318) 675-8815