Description of Recurring Urology Conferences
With the exception of Uro-Pathology, all conferences are in the Urology Conference Room (7-301)

Grand Rounds
Each Tuesday, 7:00 AM
Two cases are presented by one residents to another in an Oral Boards format. Details from the history, physical examination, and laboratory and radiographic studies are elicited and used to compile a differential diagnosis and plan of care. The presenting resident will also present a brief review of the literature for the entire department and both residents are responsible for fielding questions from the other attendants in a Socratic dialogue.

Each Tuesday, 8:00 AM
One hour is allotted for review of assigned reading from Campbell’s Urology, AUA Updates, AUA Guidelines, and other topics from the AUA Curriculum. Video presentations from AUA Plenary sessions may also be viewed.

Departmental Meeting, Morbidity and Mortality Conference
First Wednesday, each month, 5:15 PM

Resident Meeting with Program Director
First Wednesday, each month (to follow Departmental Meeting)

Campbell’s Chapter Review
Second Wednesday, each month, 5:15 PM
A monthly quiz of pre-assigned “high yield” topics in Urology is administered in preparation for the annual in-service examination. The residents are divided into teams and both team and individual prizes for highest cumulative scores are awarded at the end of the academic year.

Third Wednesday, each month, 5 PM
Pathology specimens from previous operative cases are reviewed with the uro-pathology fellow and staff.

Journal Club
Fourth Wednesday, each month, 5:15 PM
Residents prepare to discuss assigned articles from several Urology journals.

Fifth Wednesday (if present), 5:15 PM
Topics such as documentation, E&M and CPT coding, global periods, and modifiers are reviewed under the guidance of the department business manager and billing staff.