Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Cherie-Ann Nathan, MD, FACS
Professor and Chairman, Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery
Director of Head & Neck Surgical Oncology and Cancer Research

Paige E. Bundrick, MD
Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology/ Facial Plastic Surgery

Rebecca Chiffer, MD
Assistant Professor, Otology/ Neurotology

Gale L. Gardner, MD
Co-Director of Otology/ Neurotology

Anil Gungor, MD
Director, Pediatric ENT & Cleft Team

Paul M. Weinberger, MD

Associate Professor, Laryngology
Director, Voice, Airway and Swallowing Center

Brent Chang, MD

Assistant Professor

Mickie Hamiter, MD

Assistant Professor & Assistant Program Director

Part Time Faculty

Linda Gage-White, MD

Fred J. Stucker, MD, FACS

J. Houston Bosley, MD

David Hilton, MD

Ameya Asarkar, MD

Kenneth Sanders, MD  (Gratis Assistant Professor )

Speech Pathology

Stacie Odom, MS, CCC-SLP

Melanie Brown, MS, CCC-SLP

Rachel Chapman, MS, CCC-SLP

Sierra Liotta, MEd, CCC-SLP

Emily Pommier, MCD, CCC-SLP

Melissa Oliver, MS, CCC-SLP


Pooja Basnet, AuD

Camille Berry, AuD

April Daniel, MA, CCC/A, F-AAA

Carie Rives- Vickery, Au.D, CCC-A

Research Lab

Tara Moore-Medlin (Lab Manager)

Alok Khandelwal, PhD

Xiaohua Ma, MD

Xiaohua Rong

Maria Pichai, PhD

Maksud Alam, PhD

Paul Weinberger, MD

Nurse Practitioners/ Physician Assistants

Ellen O. Lewis, FNP-BC

Polly Kaufman, P.A.

Nurse Coordinator

Daphanie Williams, RN- FWCC

Zonda Thornton, RN- ACC

Krista Duffy, RN

Office Administration

Resident & Program Coordinator
Tremendous Carroll, BA

Office Manager/Academic Coordinator
Amy Ray

Associate Coordinator
Sonna Frierson, MS