Am I Eligible to Apply?

We pride ourselves on recruiting individuals from many backgrounds Currently, we have US graduates and IMGs, those with prior residency experience; most importantly all have LIFE experiences. To apply, we require USMLE Step I & II scores (Step III if you have greater than 2 years of prior residency) 3 letters of recommendation (including 1 from an EM physician), medical school transcript, and completed LSU Health Shreveport application. You may also include your NRMP match information if you wish.

Can I talk to Current Residents and Faculty?

We have included email addresses on our "Biography" pages through which you may contact different individuals. We will respond as soon as we can. Should you wish to tour the Emergency Department or observe a shift, we may be able to make special arrangements with enough advance warning. As much as we would like to, we cannot accommodate all individual requests and hope that you can make arrangements during your interview session to spend additional time with us

How do I increase my chances of getting an interview?

Showing a passion for emergency medicine is something we seek in all applicants. Rotating through our department introduces you to us but does not necessarily guarantee you a slot. We are seeking individuals who work well in a team, who can juggle both mental and physical tasks, and have the intangible quality that makes a great resident and a great person.

What is life like outside of the hospital?

We have a mix of singles and married couples with families who run the gamut of age ranges and hometowns. As such, we all have different interests that take advantage of Shreveport's busy social scene including: fishing, boating, hunting, gardening, hiking, volunteering, church and spending time with our families. There are concerts, the Independence Bowl, and a wide variety of restaurants to suit every taste. Your intern year is your busiest with surgical, trauma and critical care rotations, however, you will have time during "lighter" rotations to get out and about. Most children are enrolled in the local school systems and day-care is abundant. Many families own houses, while others rent apartments or townhouses, all of which are very inexpensive.

Why choose LSU Health Shreveport?

In this program you are never a number but a member of a team. Our staff is dedicated to your education while providing care for a needy and diverse population. You have the challenge of learning medical, surgical, trauma and pediatric emergency skills in patients coming from three states who may have nowhere else to go. We have staff with expertise in ARDS, toxicology, envenomations, critical care, sepsis, EMS, and many other fields. We expect great achievements from each resident beyond the scope of the emergency department. If you welcome this challenge and embody our philosophy of "Honesty, Kindness and Hard Work", you would do very well at LSU Health Shreveport.