Student Self Service

PeopleSoft Student Self Service Portal

The PeopleSoft Student Self Service Portal provides a full array of online services for Enrollment Services, Financial Aid Services, and Student Accounts.  As a user of the Student Self-Service application, you will have access to information from your actual student records. 

Warning!  Please treat your information that’s viewable in Self-Service as confidential.  We recommend against using public or shared computers to access Self-Service. To protect the security of this information, it is important for you to follow the sign out procedures provided in the Self Service How-To instructions, delete the Internet cache prior to closing the browser, and confirm ALL browser windows are closed at the end of your session. 

Student Self-Service Contact Information:

Enrollment Services: 318.675.5205 or

Financial Aid Services: 318.675.5561 or

Student Accounts: 318.675.5464 or

Log In or Security Issues: 504.568.HELP (4357) or 

Student Self Service Highlights

Enrollment: Enrollment Self-Service will allow you to view your 1) class schedule, 2) semester grades, 3) personal data, 4)update address, and 5)print unofficial transcripts.

Financial Aid: Financial Aid features in Self-Service will allow you to track your financial aid awarding and disbursement progress.  You can: 1) view a list of remaining things that you need to do in order to complete your financial aid file, 2) view financial aid data by aid year, 3) accept, decline, or reduce awards for the current aid year, 4)view historical data, and 5)print Award Letters.

Student Accounts: The Account Inquiry feature will allow you to 1) view your charges for the current term, 2) view payments to your student account, 3) view holds that might be on your account, and 4)grant permissions to pay allowable fees besides tuition. 

Student Self Service Portal Log In

Student Self Service Instructions related to Financial Aid Management

View Financial Aid 
Accept/Decline Awards
Report Other Financial Aid
Pending Financial Aid
Student Permissions (Shreveport only)
View Your To Do List