Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have the right to know the:

  1. Financial aid programs available at LSU Health Shreveport.
  2. Application process which must be followed to be considered for aid.
  3. Criteria used to select recipients and calculate need.
  4. The LSU Health Shreveport Return of Title IV Funds Policy.
  5. Financial Aid Office policies regarding satisfactory academic progress.
  6. Education and Private education loan disclosures, if a preferred lender arrangement exists.
  7. The cost of attending the institution.

Students are responsible for:

  1. Completing all forms accurately and by the published deadlines.
  2. Submitting information requested in a timely manner.
  3. Keeping the Financial Aid Office informed of any changes in address, name, marital status, financial situation.
  4. Reporting to the Financial Aid Office any additional assistance from non- college sources such as scholarships, National Guard, Reserves, and Vocational Rehabilitation.
  5. Notifying the Financial Aid Office of a change in enrollment status.
  6. Maintaining satisfactory academic progress.
  7. Maintaining a matriculating status.
  8. Re-applying for aid each year.
  9. Meet the repayment obligations on any financial aid funds due as a result of withdrawal or over award.