Confidentiality and Access

FERPA, Confidentiality, and Access To Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended (also sometimes referred to as the Buckley Amendment), is a federal law regarding the privacy of student records and the obligations of the institution, primarily in the areas of release of the records and the access provided to these records.

Protection of a student’s information: 

The access and release of a student’s nonpublic (non-directory) information or any personally identifiable information contained within a student’s financial aid record without the student’s prior consent is prohibited under federal law. However, federal law permits access to such information without a student’s prior consent under certain circumstances or to certain individuals. These include the following: 

  • Officials of the University who have a legitimate educational interest in the information that falls within the scope of their regular duties and responsibilities

  • Officials of other schools in which you seek or intend to enroll, on the condition that the student (upon request) receive a copy of what was transferred and have an opportunity to (upon request) challenge its content

  • Persons, companies or agencies with whom the University has contracted to provide services that the University, itself, would otherwise have to provide (such as attorney, auditor, collection agent, security service or other service provider)

  • Federal, state, and local officials, authorities, or their agents as required by law or for the purpose of audit, program and institutional evaluation and improvement, and legal compliance with federally supported education programs

  • Financial aid information to the extent necessary for such purpose as determining eligibility for financial aid or determining or enforcing the terms or conditions of the financial aid

  • The University or its agents to the extent necessary to resolve any outstanding financial obligation to the University

  • Accrediting organizations in order to carry out accrediting functions

  • A student’s parents, if the student is a dependent as defined by the Federal Government

  • Appropriate parties in a health or safety emergency

  • Officials of the military for recruitment purposes

  • By judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena

  • Any other condition or individual not named here but for a legitimate purpose within federal law

​Information collected and disclosed about a student:

To maintain optimal security of a student’s personal information, LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport Student Financial Aid Office will restrict access to the student’s personal and financial information only to federal, state and appropriate institutional authorities. 

The Student Financial Aid Office does not disclose personal or financial information to any individual acting on behalf of the student, unless the student has provided written consent.  The Student Financial Aid Office will only provide this information to individuals given consent by the student if the individual is listed on the appropriate consent form and filed with the LSU Health Sciences Center Student Financial Aid Office.  The Director of Student Financial Aid will determine if the information disclosed is appropriate to discuss in front of the party acting on behalf of the student. Parental information collected on financial aid forms for dependent financial aid applicants or recipients will only be discussed or released to the parent whose information is reported. 

Current and former students have the right to inspect financial aid records that relate directly to the student.  Financial aid records include the student’s FAFSA data, award type, award amount, documentation used to determine financial need, and documentation used to determine academic eligibility. The Student Financial Aid Office will respond to a student’s formal request to review their student financial aid records within 45 days of receiving the request.  Students may make a formal request to inspect their student financial aid records by submitting a signed written statement to the Student Financial Aid Office.  Requests made by email via the LSU Health Sciences Center-Shreveport email exchange account are acceptable. It is University policy not to release certain aspects of student records over the phone or via email.  Students requesting documentation from their files in person must provide a valid picture ID.

Student responsibilities after providing consent to a 3rd party

Providing consent to a 3rd party (such as a parent, spouse, or grandparent) only allows the 3rd party to inquire about certain aspect of the student’s financial aid record.  Providing consent to a 3rd party does not relinquish the student’s responsibilities to follow and meet the terms of all Student Financial Aid policies and procedures related to the financial aid application process and eligibility determination. Students giving consent to a 3rd party are still required to complete and sign all required financial aid application forms which includes the FAFSA, Student Loan Promissory Notes, and Verification Documents.  Students, not the 3rd party individual, must complete all Student Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling requirements.  Only the student can log into the LSU Health Science Center Self-Service Portal and accept, reduce, or decline a financial aid award. 

The Student Financial Aid Office will continue to send routine communications to the student through normal means and will not routinely contact a 3rd party unless to respond to an inquiry initiated by the 3rd party.  LSU Health Sciences Center at Shreveport Student Financial Aid Office assumes no liability as a result of honoring the student’s instructions that such information be released.  Consent granted a 3rd party individual will remain in effect as long as the student is enrolled or until the student revokes the authorization in writing. 

Students wanting to give consent to a 3rd party individual should complete the Student Financial Aid Release of Information Consent Form and submit the document to the LSU Health Sciences Center Student Financial Aid Office.  Only documents with an original signature will be accepted.  Students should contact the Registrar’s Office and the Bursar’s Office for consent forms related to the disclosure of student records kept in those areas.