Code of Conduct

The LSU Health Sciences Center- Shreveport Student Financial Aid Office has adopted NASFAA’S Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals to guide them in their daily interaction with the population served by this office.

Although the FFELP program no longer exists, the following are additional guidelines that have been adopted to define the Financial Aid Office’s relationship with private educational loan providers.  These guidelines ensure that the loan information provided to students is in the students’ best interest. 

Borrower’s Choice of Lenders and Lender Lists
The Financial Aid Office:

  1. will ensure the borrower is aware of the right to choose a lender by informing the borrower of his or her rights in person and in all related literature published by the Financial Aid Office;
  2. will process loan applications for lenders regardless of how the funds are disbursed without delay or penalty to the student;
  3. will not select a lender for a student;
  4. is prohibited from completing a paper or electronic loan application for a student;
  5. does not currently compile nor distribute lists of educational loan providers to students;
  6. will not request or accept any payments or benefits of any kind from a lender in exchange for being included on a preferred or recommended lender list or in exchange for the school recommending the lender to its students or parents;
  7. will not require lender participation in LSUHSC-Shreveport financial aid outreach programs or loan counseling sessions to guarantee the lender a place on a Lender List if one is developed in the future;


  1. LSUHSC-Shreveport Financial Aid Staff will not process a private educational loan for a student until the student has been awarded all Federal aid possible for the award year;
  2. Financial Aid Staff is prohibited from receiving any gift, including travel, gifts of more than nominal value from any lender, servicer, or guaranty agency;
  3. Employees or agents of lender, servicer, or guaranty agency are prohibited from working in or providing staffing to the Financial Aid Office;
  4. Employees or agents of a lender, servicer, or guaranty agency shall participate in entrance and exit counseling session to the extent allowable under current law and will be required to wear identification badges or apparel stating the company’s name and/or the agent’s name;
  5. Employees or agents of a lender, servicer, or guaranty agency participating in loan counseling sessions must agree to use a “lender neutral” presentation;
  6. Financial Aid Staff must be present at all loan counseling sessions provided to LSUHSC-Shreveport students by employees or agents of a lender, servicer, or guaranty agency;
  7. Lender, servicer, or guaranty agency employees or agents shall contact only the designated personnel in LSUHSC-S Financial Aid Office when corresponding by email, letter, phone, or in person when marketing loan products and services;
  8. All lender brochures and materials disseminated to students must be approved by the Financial Aid Director or designee.