Awarding Process

Once the student has completed the FAFSA and submitted the application electronically, the student should receive an electronic notice that the Student Aid Report (SAR), the results of the FAFSA, is available.  The schools listed on the FAFSA receive an electronic copy of the SAR (ISIR) within 5 to 7 days typically of the application being processed.  This is the first step in the process of applying for federal financial aid.

The review and awarding process progresses as follows:

  1. Student ISIR is placed in date order to be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office staff.
  2. Missing documents needed to complete the student’s file are requested.
  3. Verification is completed if the student was selected for verification. Corrections are made to the student's ISIR information, if necessary, to correct errors found during verification.
  4. Financial Aid Office makes awards.    
  5. Financial Aid Office notifies student of new award.
  6. Student accepts, reduces, or declines the award in the Student Self-Service portal.
  7. The Financial Aid Office updates the student’s award packages.

Award Notices

Awards for the new school year cannot be processed until system upgrades are completed by the LSUHSC technical staff.  Usually all patches, upgrades, and testing are completed by the end of April.  Thus, students cannot be notified of new awards until after May 1st of each year. 

Cost of Attendance/Student Budget

The Financial Aid Cost of Attendance information used to determine the financial aid awards for the award year can be viewed on the Financial Aid Office website.  

Loan Adjustments

The majority of student borrowers at LSU Health Shreveport borrow the maximum allowed for federal Stafford loans.  The Financial Aid Office has adopted the policy of awarding all student loan applicants the maximum Stafford award amount they are elgibile to receive. Students are encouraged to review the Financial Aid Cost of Attendance information when making decisions regarding the amount of funding needed. Reductions to the loan amount awarded for the academic year can be reduced on the Student Self-Service Portal prior to the first disbursment of the loan being made to the school. Students can request additional changes to the loan award after the loan has disbursed by completing the Request to Reduce Loan Disbursement form available on the Financial Aid Office website. 

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is required for all LSU Health Shreveport students.  Therefore, the cost is an allowable expense and can be added to the COA.  The Medical Insurance allowance cannot include the premiums for dependents or spouses.  Effective 2013-2014: The Financial Aid Office will no longer automatically add the Medical Insurance Allowance to the student budgets based on the assumption that students are purchasing individual policies.  Students must now provide proof that they have purchased a policy before the cost can be added. Students can request assistance for Medical Insurance by completing the LSU Health Shreveport Medical Insurance Cost Form.  

Dependent Child Care

If a student will pay dependent child care expenses, the student must submit a Child Care Expense form to have these expenses considered. The Child Care Expense Form is available on the Student Financial Aid Office website and must be submitted each year.


All communications from the Student Financial Aid Office will be sent to the student’s LSU Health Shreveport email address once the email is activated. Prior to activation of the LSUHSC-Shreveport email, students will receive emails at the email address entered by the Admissions Office. This includes notices regarding awards as well as all requests for missing information.