Smart Notice

SmartNotice Emergency Messaging Enrollment Procedure

LSUHSC-S has implemented the SmartNotice Emergency Notification System to expand and enhance its emergency notification methods. In the event of an emergency, SmartNotice may be used to provide pertinent information and instructions to LSUHSC-S students and employees through email and text messaging.

Students and employees with an LSUSHC-S email account will automatically have their name and LSUHSC-S email enrolled into the SmartNotice System. Enrollment in the SmartNotice System is provided at no cost to students and employees. Enrollees that choose to update their contact information to receive text messages from the SmartNotice System may incur costs as outlined by their own cellular provider’s contract.

Students and employees are highly encouraged to update their contact information to include cell phones and additional email to increase the effectiveness of emergency notifications. To update contact information, use the following procedure:

1. Link to the SmartNotice Enrollment webpage

2. Login using your LSUHSC-S email for the email and your created password. First time users or users that have forgotten their password must click No, I am new, and update their login information and password.

3. Once logged in, update contact information.

A. Contact Information – First and Last Name.
B. Contact Address
C. Communication Methods
    1) Add Number – Add a primary and secondary phone number.
        For cell phones check Send Text Messages and select a mobile provider.
    2) Add Email. Add a secondary email.

D. Account Specifics – Choose a group for enrollment.

4. Under Verify Information, click Edit to make additional changes or Submit.