Using the RCF

            All LSUHSC-S investigators are permitted access to the technologies supported by the RCF.  To use any of these technologies, investigators must contact the RCF staff to discuss issues involving the use, scheduling, fees and training for each of the RCF technologies.


            In order to use any of the RCF instrumentation, users need to be trained by the RCF staff.  Training by other users is not sufficient.  Anyone who operates or attempts to operate RCF equipment without proper training will be subject to disciplinary action such as having their future access to the RCF technologies revoked. Training may involve anything from one or more one-on-one sessions with a staff member to formal classes developed by the RCF staff, depending on the specific technology.  Please contact the RCF staff to schedule training in the use of any of the end-user operated instrumentation of the Core.  Please note that training will NOT be done on a drop-in basis and MUST be scheduled ahead of time.

Data management

            The ultimate responsibility for the storage of data generated from experiments or samples analyzed in the RCF belongs to the investigator.  Each investigator (or his or her staff) is provided with a printed and/or electronic copy of all analyses conducted by the staff of the RCF.  Each investigator must ensure that these data are properly stored and protected in his or her laboratory.  The RCF will make every effort to make and retain duplicate electronic copies of those data and will store them on electronic media for the period of three years.  In the event that an investigator cannot locate the original data, he or she should contact the RCF staff immediately to obtain a duplicate copy of the missing data.  In cases where data are generated by the investigator or his or her staff (on end-user operated instruments in the RCF), the individual who runs the experiment must immediately make an electronic copy of those data and keep that copy in the investigator’s lab.  Although the core facility assumes no responsibility for data files left on resident RCF computers, the staff will make every effort to back up these data files on a monthly basis.  All such files will be stored in the RCF for a period of three years.