Useful Tools and Links

Building Antibody Panels

One of the challenges facing investigators wishing to do multi-parameter flow cytometry is how to build panels of compatible reagents that can be used for simultaneous analysis on specific instruments. Our flow cytometry lab is registered with Fluorofinder, an independent web tool for the selection of appropriate reagents for use with specific instruments.

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Finding Reagents

Another challenge facing investigators is simply finding the reagents necessary to carry out the appropriate experiments. An excellent resource to get started is the Linscott’s Directory. This is an independent list of available antibody (and other) reagents for a variety of applications, including flow cytometry.

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Useful Vendor Sites

The following links are to various vendors of antibody and other reagents used in flow cytometry. Many of these links also contain a wealth of useful information regarding flow cytometry and various applications, as well as a number of useful web-based tools that can be very useful for new as well as experienced investigators.

BD Biosciences



EMD Millipore

Beckman Coulter

Tonbo Biosciences

Common protocols used in flow cytometry

Techniques Application Handbook 2ed