Scheduling Flow Cytometry Appointments

LSUHSC-S Investigators

RCF Staff-Operated Data Acquisition and Cell Sorting Experiments

Scheduling of these flow cytometric services must be done through direct consultation with the staff of the Flow Cytometry Core. The primary reason for this is so that we can understand exactly what kind of data you wish to obtain. This permits us to set up the appropriate instrument and analysis template(s) prior to your experiment in order to assure that the appropriate data are collected and stored. In order to schedule an appointment, please contact either person below:

David Custisdcusti@lsuhsc.edu5-5765BRI F6-14

Prior to scheduling your appointment(s), you will be asked to complete a Flow Cytometry Appointment Request Form. A downloadable copy of this form can be found here.

You will also need to fill out a Sample Information Sheet for each experiment. This does not need to be completed in order to schedule an experiment, but must be provided to the staff prior to your scheduled appointment time. A downloadable copy of this form can be found here.

Please note that you DO NOT need to use this exact form and are free to create your own in Word or Excel or whatever you software of choice may be, as long as it contains the pertinent information.

All appointments are made on a first-come/first served basis. It is recommended that you schedule your appointment at least one week in advance or as soon as you know when you will need an appointment. DO NOT set up experiments that rely on time-critical flow cytometric analysis or sorting prior to scheduling the necessary appointment times. Please understand that last minute scheduling cannot be guaranteed, and is generally unavailable.

If a scheduled appointment is not met and the RCF staff has not been notified at least 2 hours prior to the appointment time, a fee of $50 will be charged to the investigator. If the missed appointment is for sorting, a fee of $100 will be charged to the investigator, due to the extensive setup time required for sorting experiments.

End-User Operated Sample Analysis

Currently, the RCF operates and maintains a FACSCalibur flow cytometer that has been made available for end-user operation. In order to operate this cytometer, each individual must receive formal training from the RCF staff, consisting of a 4 hour class with both lecture and practical components. The cost of this training is $150/trainee. Upon successful completion of training, individuals will receive a certificate documenting their training and will be permitted to schedule and operate this cytometer on their own. These individuals will be able to operate the instrument during the normal working hours of the RCF as well as during off hours and weekends.

Trained users may schedule their own appointments through a web-based calendar. The web address, user ID and password are provided to users upon the completion of their training. When scheduling experiments, users must list their name and contact telephone number on their reservations. This calendar is monitored daily by the RCF staff. If an appointment is scheduled with less that 24 hours notice, we ask that users email or call the RCF staff to inform them of the new appointment. This permits us to make certain that the appropriate quality control has been performed on the FACSCalibur prior to use.

Off Campus Investigators

We strongly encourage off-campus investigators to use any of the RCF services. To facilitate this, we have established a number of Memoranda of Understanding with various campuses throughout the state. If you wish to explore the use of our flow cytometric services, please contact the RCF Scientific Director, Dr. Robert Chervenak by email at