Please review all of the following items to assist with creating a comprehensive budget, inclusive of all costs related to the management of your study.

Study Budget Spreadsheet Template - has been created as a reference tool for Principal Investigators and Departments. These templates can be used to construct new study budgets, or as a guide to format existing study budget templates. Please use these templates and make any modifications required to accommodate your needs.

Direct and Indirect Fees

Indirect Fees - also known as Facilities & Administrative Fees (F&A) or Institutional Overhead Fees (IDC).
Direct Fees - includes all the fees included in a study budget before Indirect Fees (IDC) are ap

Facilities & Administrative Fees (F&A) - also known as Institutional Overhead Fees, or Indirect Fees

  • The LSUHSC-S rate for industry sponsored clinical research is 25%. F&A is applied to all budgeted items in clinical research agreements. The only exception where F&A is not applied is for Institutional Fees and non-dispensing Research Pharmacy Administration Fees.
  • F&A Fees cover the expense of doing business that are not readily identified with a particular grant, contract, project function, or activity. These fees are essential to recover certain costs form shared services (e.g. administration, facilities, utilities, libraries, physical plant operation and maintenance, student services and depreciation for buildings and equipment) associated with clinical research.
Please see the LSUHSC-S consistent treatment of cost policy Direct and Indirect Cost Allocations Under OMB Circular A-21 and OMB Uniform Guidance for Clinical Trial/Sponsored Projects online.

Procedure Details in Budgets

When creating budgets the following must be listed for all procedures:
  • line item budget 
  • associated CPT codes and their cost
  • Service provide who is providing the procedure
  • Identify if procedures are billable to the Research Sponsor, or 3rd party insurance (SOC)

Please contact the CTMT@lsuhsc.edu for assistance with any questions related to developing your budget.