After Acceptance

After Acceptance

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Current Address

(An important detail)

This needs to be the address where time-sensitive mail will reach you fastest.

Permanent Address: This is a backup. If mail gets returned, we'll send it to this address.


A deposit to hold your place in the class is no longer required. 

Still, do your friends a favor … Applicants should be mindful of fellow applicants by releasing any places they hold at schools they do not plan to attend. Indeed, applicants have an obligation to free spaces as soon as decisions are made.

Financial Assistance

How much is tuition?

Tuition and fees are set by the Board of Supervisors for the LSU System and are subject to change without notice. These are payable in full at registration each term, and it is the responsibility of the student to obtain financing for his or her medical education and living expenses through their own resources and/or financial aid through the medical school.

Do you have financial aid?

Yes. For this and all matters concerning financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid website

Double-holding ..

When I called School-X to withdraw because I was going to Shreveport, they told me to put it in a letter. Well, I did that two weeks ago, and you (Shreveport) tell me I am still double-holding. Whatz going on? Y'all's double-hold deadline is soon, and Shreveport is where I want to go. What can I do?

Serious question ... Easy answer. Send School-X a cordial e-mail thanking them for their offer, adding that you've decided to accept another school's offer. You might mention that you mailed them a letter. But Note: The key is to copy (cc:) us on that e-mail. Doing the cc: to us ensures everyone being on the same page. Your cc: to us makes it a done deal, and you are no longer double-holding School-X in our books. How it works for most schools ...

Once schools enter a school-action using the AAMC software, other schools can see the changes. Obviously, schools can see only actions that have been entered. Entered data flows automatically to the AAMC database and to other schools overnight. Mrs. Hill enters actions daily and changes she gets today will be available to other schools tomorrow. It's that simple. Bad news ... there is only one Mrs. Hill. Good news ... She's in Shreveport!

Where can I find out more about financial assistance?

Complete information regarding student budgets and financing is available on their website or by e-mailing the Office of Student Financial Aid or calling 318.675.5561.

Do I have to be at Registration

"Can I miss just part of Orientation (or just a few lectures) to attend such-and-such special event? I have already committed and they are counting on me, and besides ... my mother/father/sister/brother/girlfriend just will not take No for an answer?!" --- No.

A significant difference between medical school and what comes before is that a significant part of your learning and training in medical school cannot be found in books or notes, but requires your presence, observation and participation. This is why our attendance policy is more stringent than for most non-medical programs, and why the answer is No. This is our school's policy. Once you have matriculated, however, you will be able to address requests for excused absences (deaths and illnesses) to the appropriate course coordinator and/or the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

"I have this incredible trip planned with my family, it's already paid for, and it'll cost me a bunch if I have to change things to be back for the first day of Orientation. Please, can I please (!!!) miss just the first day of Orientation? My friend says he'll tape the session, and I'll even take a quiz on it if you want me to? No.
See the previous question.

Computer Information

Do I have to have a computer? - Yes. A laptop.

Computers play an integral role in our curriculum. Don't forget, all of your class assignments, class notes, and handouts for your lectures are available via the Wireless Internet on the medical campus. Students routinely take notes on them during lectures.

If I already have a laptop, do I have to buy a new one? - Probably yes.

Having the right features, compatibility, power and support is totally important. We have gone to Mac's and life is better! But don't run out and buy a Mac, even a Killer-Mac.

Do you ever make exceptions? - Maybe.

If you have been admitted and get approval from Academic Computing by March 1, there is a chance that your current laptop may be approved. Barring this, buying one of ours is mandatory. You save money, we lose money, but it's better for you. Should "Your" computer fail, "You" have a problem ... something You really cannot afford. Also, see the answer to the question two up.

How do I pay for it?

Just like books, the cost of your computer is built into the first year budget and is included in your financial aid package. We bid 130 identical units which drives the price below anything you can buy on the street. Importantly, if your computer dies or gets a virus, you can swap yours for one of ours, configured, loaded and ready to run.

Finding a Place to Live in Shreveport
*** Housing Gold Mine ... Seeing is believing! *** Great housing options have long been a major plus of Shreveport. This year in particular, new students, spouses and families have come by and said what great luck they have had finding a house or apartment. While more students are buying good starter houses in safe, nearby neighborhoods, most still rent an apartment.

Do you have dorms? - No.

There is so much good, affordable housing in Shreveport that we cannot compete with the private sector.

Where do medical students live?

Because of its location and the city, the answer is "Everywhere." All parts of the city are an easy commute from the medical center. You can walk your dog or jog at night, have affordable housing, and still be a 15-minute drive from the medical center in Shreveport.
In general, most students live in apartments or homes in southeast Shreveport. While most rent apartments, many own or rent homes. Hey, if you can swing it, you're going to be here four years, maybe more, why not build some equity?

Drug Screen and Criminal Background Check (CBC)

As part of the school's commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment, along with all new faculty and employees, incoming students are required to pass a drug screen and criminal background check prior to matriculation. Offers of acceptance are contingent on passing both.

The CBC's will be done by Certiphi, a firm that has contracted with the AAMC, and they will contact accepted applicants for details needed to carry this out. Any significant hits will be reviewed, and if deemed serious enough, our offer will be withdrawn. The bottom line is still ... You Gotta Pass.

Deadline - July 15. We need to receive a final report from Certiphi, by close of business July 15, in case there are findings which need to be reviewed and processed. The exception would be people who entered the certification process after July 1.

We may ask some individuals on the Acceptable List to undergo their CBC. Doing this does not guaranty acceptance, but speeds things up in case the good news follows that "Yes, you have been accepted in Shreveport."

How the Drug Screen works ==> If you are holding a place with us, our Registrar's office will mail you a drug screen kit to you. 
FYI, or The Survivor's Guide to Shreveport as a new Medical Student (New for 2010-11)

Click here for a 3Mb PDF of the FYI Guide for 2010-11. Current and previous students say it's the most useful guide to Shreveport and being a first-year student. It's prepared by others, so Admissions can take no credit. You'll receive your own hard copy at some point, but you might browse and/or print this one now.

Things you absolutely must be aware of and do so you can register (i.e., begin school this year). Best start early!!!

Be absolutely clear (you can take it to the bank) that your transcripts will be reviewed line-by-line, course-and-grade by course-and-grade in June. So big flippin' What? you might ask ... ? You are expected to complete the work you represented that you would complete and with acceptable grades, and should you decide to punt your work in progress, you might have to reapply, and that really, really hurts.