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Do I have to be at Registration?

Do you have dorms?

Where do medical students live?
Because of its location and the city, the answer is, "Everywhere." All parts of the city are an easy commute from the medical center. You can walk your dog or jog at night, have affordable housing, and still be a 15-minute drive from the medical center in Shreveport. In general, most students live in apartments or homes in southeast Shreveport.

Finding a Place to Live in Shreveport:
Great housing options have long been a major plus of Shreveport. New students, spouses, and families often say what great luck they have had finding a house or an apartment. While more students are buying good starter houses in safe, nearby neighborhoods, most still rent apartments.

The Registrar will contact you about several items and tasks you must complete in a timely manner in order to register on the last Friday of July. You will correspond directly with her on these matters.