Acceptable List

Acceptable? Waiting? Approved? or Alternate?

What are these, and what do they mean?
Referred to below as "The List," Acceptable List, Waiting List, Approved List and Alternate List are used interchangeably to refer to applicants who have been interviewed and been deemed suitable for admission by Committee review.

At later Committee meetings, newly interviewed applicants are added to The List, and varying numbers of applicants on The List are offered admission. In this way admitted applicants are always selected from the pool of all applicants on The List, and places in the class are available for those interviewed later in the cycle.

A Word to all Wise Applicants on The List

Just in case the call comes ...

  • Have your FAFSA done.

Does being on The List mean that I will get in this year?
No. Being on The List does NOT guarantee admission this year or some later date. Within a matter of weeks on The List, some are admitted. However, many must reapply, and some are never admitted.

If I was on The List last year, does it mean I will get in next year?
No. See one up.

When will I hear something?
It could be as late as registration. Fortunately (or the opposite) it is not unheard of that a student will relinquish his or her place at the last minute, in which case someone on The List will get the call to come to medical school !!! Once registration has occurred, or if a decision is reached before that, you will receive a letter from us.

However, if you are first on The List we will call and tell you so. That way you can be prepared in case you get admitted at the last moment.

If I'm on The List and don't get in, do I have to go through AMCAS again?
Yes. All applicants must apply through AMCAS.

When should I reapply?
You should hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Reason for optimism is normally dwindling by June 1, and it might be wise to consider reworking and updating your application. Re-submitting in June is scarcely unreasonable.

Is there something/anything I can do while I'm on The List?
You might advise Admissions if you have significant achievements, activities, and/or accomplishments.
But, hey! … If you have a 3.9 GPA, please don’t send your grades (and certainly not a transcript). A word to the wise who have a thin GPA … Send not a transcript, but a PDF of a small table detailing just your recent grades. (You’d be amazed how many updates arrive without a name on the actual PDF.)


  • Have your FAFSA done.