SPARTA is used by various departments throughout LSU Health Shreveport. To view course photos, click on department's name.


Course Sponsor - Stryker

Surgeons - Dr. Rinoo Shah, Dr. Christian Samuelson


Course Sponsor - Boston Scientific

Surgeons - Dr. Paari Dominic, Dr. Uma Lakshmanadoss

Ear, Nose, Throat

Course Sponsors - Entellus, Fiagon, Intersect ENT, Axogen

Surgeons - Dr. Lori Lemonnier, Dr. Timothy Lian, Dr. Rebecca Chiffer, Dr. Hai Sun


Course Sponsor - Olympus

Surgeons - Dr. Danielle Cooper, Dr. Jodie Gwin, Dr. James Barrow

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Course Sponsor - Axogen

Surgeon - Dr. David Kim


Course Sponsors - Stryker Orthopedics, Axogen, Integra

Surgeons - Dr. Shane Barton, Dr. Michael Britt, Dr. Massimo Morandi, Dr. Margaret Olmedo, Dr. Marjorie Chelly, Dr. Todd Jaeblon, Dr. Douglas Turgeon, Dr. Steve Atchison


Course Sponsors - Axogen, Stryker Spine

Surgeon - Dr. Anthony Sin, Dr. Guthikonda 


Course Sponsor - Cook Medical

Surgeons - Dr. Manoj Manga (visiting surgeon from The Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Wahib Isac

SPARTA's Before & After

Special thanks to Stryker and Huey P. Long Hospital in Alexandria, LA for their generous donations.
Also a special thanks to LSUS Engineering Students for the construction of the lab.