Standardized Patients

Standardized Patient Exam 

The LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport School of Medicine is one of a growing number of schools nationwide offering a standardized patient program as part of its medical curriculum.

Standardized Patients (SP's) are used to train and test medical students in ways traditional teaching methods have proved ineffective. In fact, the United States Medical Licensing Board now uses SP's to test the communication and physical exam skills of students before they issue licenses to practice medicine. These programs do not replace the usual pen-and-paper tests or lectures, but provide a setting for the synthesis of "book learning," diagnostic skills, and communication skills.

What is a Standardized Patient?

Standardized patients are paid community members who are trained to represent particular medical conditions with the purpose of giving medical students and residents  a chance to develop, practice and refine important critical exam skills.  Our SP's are trained to simulate not only the patient history, but the body language, physical findings, emotions and personality characteristics as well.Through our SP Program, students learn vital medical interviewing techniques, physical exam and critical thinking skills necessary to diagnose and treat routine clinical presentations.