High Fidelity Simulators

High Fidelity Simulators

The Clinical Skills Center has a fully equipped simulation lab.  The main features of the lab are our high fidelity human mannequins.   These simulators can be pre-programmed to simulate specific conditions and will respond physiologically to medications, treatments and procedures.  They have the ability to breathe, bleed, speak, and even give birth.  Learners can perform a variety of procedures on them including intubation, catheterization, or cardioversion.  Our high fidelity simulators include an adult, pediatric, and infant model.

iStan is the most advanced wireless patient simulator on the market today.  He has the ability to bleed, breathe, and speak and is equipped with audible heart, lung, and bowel sounds.  He is wireless, fully mobile and comes with countless unique features including:

iStan - Wireless Adult

  • can defibrillate, cardiovert, and pace
  • can be intubated and trached
  • has 14 palpable pulses
  • produces Urine output
  • femoral and jugular IV lines and injection sites
  • tension pneumothorax/ hemothorax
  • capillary refill
  • can perform needle decompression
  • can insert bilateral chest tubes that will function



Noelle - Newborn Delivery Simulator

Pedi is our pediatric simulator.  Since children and adults don't necessarily respond the same to medications, treatments, and procedures, Pedia is programmed to appropriately replicate the physiologic parameters and medical responses of a 6 year old child. He might be small compared to our adult simulator but PediaSim
contains the same features and abilities.

METI - Child

  • Esophageal, nasal, and oral intubation
  • Chest tube insertion with drainage
  • Needle cricothyrotomy
  • Bilateral chest excursion
  • Upper airway obstruction
  • Conical trachea
  • Chest compressions